A Rock Salt Lamp’s More Than You Think

Many are first attracted to rock salt lamps because of their appearance. They’re extremely beautiful. Himalayan salt is an extremely pleasant mixture of cream and red tones. It’ll feel like you’re in the mountains when you have this naturally adornment in your home. This lamp does more then simply look pretty. It also detoxifies the air.

Breath Fresh Air

These lamps clean the air in a natural way. When you spray a can of air freshener, you’re exposing your body to a lot of toxic chemicals. Purify the air using organic chemistry instead.

Each rock salt lamp is loaded with beneficial ions that are released as soon as the light is turned on. They cling to particles in the air and force them to drop or adhere to the lamp. This causes them to leave circulation, so they can’t end up in your lungs.

A Lamp That’s Ages Old

Authentic salt lamps come from clusters in mountains that have been forming for millions of years. The clumps of Himalayan salt formed 450 million years ago.

A Romantic And Dim Setting

Traditional lamps can be overpowering. They set off a bright and commercial mood. For a romantic night, you need a plant that’s not only pleasant to look at, but also gives off the right ambiance. Let a rock salt lamp set the mood.

Rock Salt Lamps

Children Love It

These pleasant lamps are perfect for child’s nightlights. They do not admit as much light as a traditional lamp, so they won’t prevent your child from becoming sleepy. Plus, they’ll keep your child’s air clean and smelling fresh.

Helps With Allergies

A lot of the allergies we suffer from come from particles in the air. They aren’t reactions we can avoid by switching cleansers or perfumes. Many have found the air purifying properties of these natural detoxifiers to be extremely helpful when dealing with allergies.

Vary In Size

Rock Salt lamps vary in size. The bigger ones produce a stronger light then the smaller ones. The larger models are also more expensive. Choosing the right size depends on the amount of light you want.

Love Each Compliment!

Many home owners find that guests are jealous of this gorgeous, decorative piece. For the amount of elegance and beauty it provides to a home, it’s actually a moderate feature to include. Each house should have at least one rock salt lamp in it. If not for its beauty, at least for its detoxification properties.