The Benefits Of Salt Lamps

Technology has progressed at an amazing pace over the past fifty years. There are amazing machines the likes of which our ancestors never even considered. Not only are there new, amazing machines, but many of those machines have progressed to a point that was considered science fiction at one point. Our modern smart phones, for example, are actually more powerful and versatile as the communicators in Star Trek!

However, the march of progress, as amazing as it is, does come with its various downsides. There are some side effects of many of these machines. Even though those side effects may not be enough to do away with the machines all together, they’re still enough that you’ll want to do something about them. Case in point, as fantastic as it is to have the various electronic devices that we have, they have a nasty habit of exuding positive ions.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you’re unfamiliar with the science behind ions, it’s fairly simple. Electrical charge tends to come from the breaking apart of various molecules. Molecules have nuclei, which are made of positrons and electrons. In order to get an electrical charge, electrons have to be broken off from these molecules. Once that’s done, however, that leaves molecules with only positrons floating around. These are what’s referred to as positive ions.

Positive ions can be a problem, because having too many positive ions in the air can leave you feeling slow-witted, lethargic, and generally low on energy. In early times, this wasn’t a big deal. There was generally a fairly even amount of positive and negative ions floating around, so people never really had any problems. However, these days people have dozens of electronic devices around them at any given moment, most of which are turned on and running. Which means they have a huge amount of positive ions floating around them, as well. No wonder so many people are so often low on energy!

Salt is a natural source of negative ions, due to its chemical make up. However, salt by itself is inert. What a salt lamp does is heat the salt in order to make it release those negative ions. Once the negative ions are released, they bond with the positive ions in the air. This is a natural thing, and happens all the time in nature. You most often see it after a massive rainstorm. This is why you so often feel invigorated, energetic, and generally happier after a good rainstorm. The negative ions have bonded with the positive ions, and cleared things out.

Salt lamps can do that for you in your home, every day. So if you’ve been noticing yourself feeling more and more lethargic, slow-witted, and generally low energy, the problem may be that you’re dealing with too many positive ions floating around you. If that’s the case, then a salt lamp can help you deal with that very things. So go out and pick up a salt lamp, and see how that works out for you!